Friday, December 23, 2016

Obama Scraps Program That Tracked Muslim Men

Like I said, as Darth Hussein's™ final days in power are coming to an end, he is trashing this country on his way out. He's issuing executive orders like a mad man, letting criminals with weapons charges loose (remember this is the anti-gun president), proved he's an anti-Semite and now he is spitting directly at the incoming Trump administration by ending this tracking program.

The regime claims the program, National Security Entry/ Exit Registration System was useless, was it or was it just not utilized properly? IF the program was junk why care and shut it down with less than 30 days left in office? Clearly this was an attempt to undermine the Trump administration. Maybe the program wasn't effective but like it's suggested it may have provided the framework for Trump's extreme vetting plans to keep America safe!

Many ask, "whose side is obama on?", is it not obvious at this point!

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