Friday, December 23, 2016

Tucker Pounces on Teen Vogue Writer Who Thinks Ivanka Trump is Fair Game

This Lauren Duca of Teen Vogue is just another example epitomizing radical leftists in the crap media who are trying to make a name for themselves by trashing and attacking Pres Trump and his family. Duca like many communist (yes that's what progressives are) guests on Tucker Carlson's show now try to go on and outsmart him, make snarky remarks only to make bigger asses of themselves. These people are actually blinded by their arrogance and delusions of superiority that he gladly pounces on for our entertainment. Someone should send her some butthurt creme too because she posted this following her appearance...

Clearly Duca doesn't like to be called out for what she said and when Tucker points out she said Trump "eats feces", she fired back that she never said that. Well of course you didn't toots, we know you were trying to get Tucker to say "shit" on air and risk being fined by the FCC! But you did and have said it many times to many people.

Yea.. go ahead delete the tweets they'll be on this site forever! Lauren you and your ilk are garbage, suffering sever butthurt over this election and if I may you in particular are showing signs of complete and total jealousy towards Ivanka. Guys pick up on this all the time from women when you attack another female, especially one who is attractive and successful! Like Tucker said stick to tabloid entertainment trash and stay out of politics, you can't swim with the sharks.

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