Friday, December 16, 2016

Obama Whines to Press Corps That Hillary Wasn't Treated Fairly

Not treated fairly?! The woman is an unindicted felon whom the media wouldn't even speak about her countless acts of lawlessness! The media more or less protected her, as they have with obama over all his failures and lawless acts.

What you have here is the imperial emperor piling on FAKE NEWS' narrative, in effect re-writing history, that this election was swayed by the Russians. Said it repeatedly here: 1) Hillary is the worst presidential candidate in history 2) the majority of voters had no clue about what was going on unless they were on Drudge and Breitbart, and following the like on Twitter!

Is Putey Pute a bad guy? YES. Did Russia stick their nose in our election? YES. Did their meddling influence the final outcome of the election? NO!

Don't fall for the lies from the most deceitful people to ever hold public office and their lapdog media.

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