Thursday, December 15, 2016

WH Continues to Blame Russia For Clinton's Election Loss

Let's assume it's 100% true, Russia did everything the left is in total meltdown over. The fact remains Hillary Clinton had poor ratings among democrat voters. NO ONE LIKES HER but hardcore progressive radicals, and the communists in Hollywood.

Russia DID NOT put a private server in Hillary's home, and then a bathroom closet off site, to conduct official govt business that compromised US national security.
Russia also did not make the FBI launch an investigation into her negligent handling of emails and govt documents, again we'll assume Russia DID expose it. This situation was bad the FBI is still investigating thanks to her aides, Huma Abedin, ex-husband to be Anthony Weiner.
Russia did not make Hillary use her position in the State Dept along with she and her husbands foundation as a front to launder money in a pay to play scam.
MOST IMPORTANTLY Russia did not make Hillary ignore middle America/ flyover states, where she had a Z E R O ground game but dumped millions in solid blue states to lock up the popular vote. Trump was at least flying to all these states to do 3 rallies a day.
Russia did not make Hillary call half the nation deplorable!
Russia did not make the crap media protect her at every opportunity from bad press, while they trashed Trump 24/7!
Russia did not force obamacare onto the nation where premiums doubled before this election.
Russia did not blame a video no one watched for the attack on Benghazi that left 4 Americans, one a US Ambassador, dead.

The list of Clinton faults goes on and on. Whatever the left wants to tie Russia to it was not enough to sway voters as most knew nothing about the majority of scandals let alone "Russia hacking the Clinton's and DNC".

Hillary Clinton lost the election because she was by far the worst, most corrupt presidential candidate in US history! She is disliked by almost everyone except the radical progressive elitists. She was a symbol.. she epitomized everything the American people hate about politicians and the govt!

Yes Josh, nobody in WH thought any of this is funny because you all know you're all dirty and feared Russia would expose your corruption! We the people don't think any of this is a joke but this regime suggesting Russia handed Trump the election is disingenuous. You are discrediting every single American who voted for Trump and suggesting they voted for him because of Russia's activities.

Stop blaming the boogie-man for your failures.

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