Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Turkey Claims They Have 'Confirmed Evidence' US-Led Coalition is Supporting ISIS in Syria

'We have confirmed evidence, with pictures, photos and videos'

Based on what we learned about gun running to the middle east since the Benghazi attack, the probability Turkish President Erdogan is making this is up is slim. The middle east is on fire because of the obama-Clinton foreign policy. They are responsible for the Arab spring and all the unrest. They put Chris Stevens in Libya to move arms around the region including to Syrian rebels via Turkey!

Interesting turn of events actually as obama is on his way out. He screws Israel and they say they have ironclad info the regime's fingerprints are all over the UN resolution. Now we have Turkey pointing finger of blame at the regime, again suggesting they have ironclad info as well. Sure would be nice if someone could cough up some solid evidence that could bring charges of treason on obama! (He can be charged even after he leaves office)

Don't hold your breath.

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