Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Anonymous Issue Warning to Trump to Resign in 35 Days!

The Anonymous group is not happy with Pres Trump over "an unprecedented attack on basic human decency and civil rights." following the Executive Orders he has issued over the last 6 days.

Apparently enforcing immigration law and more of less enacting the Secure Fence Act of 2006 has been deemed an illegal act. They are also upset with Trump's plans, granted to him under US Code, to restrict travel of muslims from Syria and other middle eastern nations, designated by Congress to be hotspots for terrorism. The same countries that ISIS has made clear they will infiltrate refugee programs to enter the west.

As you will see below they have other complaints with the new administration, but I don't recall seeing such a threat as obama practically took a match to the Constitution, was more or less a cold-blooded killer via drone attacks, his EPA poisoning the Animas River and the list goes on and on. The hate the left has for Trump is something we haven't seen for any President, I don't think they were this bad with GWB!

They are giving Trump and his admin until February 28th to resign, want Independents Party to take control and hold new elections asap. Otherwise on March 1st we will see protests and all the nonsense we witnessed after Nov 8th on a larger scale, in what they call a Day of Resistance.

The admins response to this will be.......

After this release Anon stated in a tweet they do not condone violence, but let's be honest those who answer their calls to action are looking for a fight. (ie Ferguson, Baltimore)

Frankly, I'm sick and tired of these threats from radical leftists and anarchists. This thing of jamming up roads, breaking windows, setting flags, private property and trash cans on fire, assaulting bystanders etc etc is getting really old and is kind of childish for a group of people who claim to be revolutionaries. Are these people ever going to throw down or be the kid that lights a firecracker and runs away hiding in the bushes?!

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