Monday, January 2, 2017

Dem Rep Wants to Stop Future Trumps With 'One President at a Time Act'

Get used to watching liberals melt down like this for the next four years. Hey newsflash libs, foreign leaders are calling Trump and he has every right as any PEOTUS to speak on foreign issues he feels strongly about. Obama has done more in the last few weeks in foreign policy than he has done in years because Clinton LOST. He is deliberately trying to sabotage the Trump admin by making major foreign policy during a true lame duck presidency, so the President-Elect has every right to speak out.

Instead if proposing 'One President at a Time Act', how about proposing a bill that keeps the outgoing admin from sabotaging the incoming admin?! See it goes both ways you dolts! As obama is on his way out of official office, but he isn't going away, he is trashing the nation and no one seems to be pointing that out.

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