Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Leftists Rush Barricades at Trump International

Oh look everyone domestic terrorists! By the way who writes these silly childish chants these snowflakes repeat like Borg drones?

Based the protests we've seen over the last year during the primaries and election and the vids released by Project Veritas this is probably a preview of the trouble we'll see on inauguration day.

I've warned repeatedly every single time these little monsters get together violence and chaos follow them. If /when they act up during the inauguration they should be dealt with swiftly and with the maximum amount of non-lethal force possible. Democrats of course praise this vile scum doing their dirty work and will remain silent when the violence and destruction follow. If anything they will blame Trump and the GOP for their ilk being incapable of controlling themselves and then go on childish rants if police or even Secret Service is forced to deal with them.

Those attending the event enjoy yourselves but stay on alert and be prepared for trouble.

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