Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Tucker Destroys Leader of "Demand Protest" Who Was Advertising Pay For Protesters

Hey obama stream media pay attention to how you're suppose to fact check a story before plastering it all over your network. This organization "Demand Protest" had ads placed on the net to hire protesters @ $2,500 a month to protest Trump. Like any news organization Fox News decided to bring the organizer on but they unlike the crap media did their homework before running a story as fact.

"Dom Tullipso" probably thought he would be able to fool Fox as he fooled other "journalists" and media, but Tucker Carlson opened up both barrels making it clear they know "Tullipso" isn't who he said he is and that his entire operation is a hoax. This was pure entertainment to watch and should be a warning to people to check everything. If anything "dom" did people a favor proving how easy it is to scam the media so depserate to find any story or group that is against Trump demonstrating how they jump on it hook, line and sinker!

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