Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Pelosi & Schumer Using Fear Mongering and Threats to Stop Obamacare Repeal

Make America Sick Again.... you leftists think you're cute and funny don't you? Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are going all out to save barackobamacare from being repealed. If you believe everything they say that will happen, if the worst piece of legislation ever passed is repealed, you'd think it was doomsday. Keep in mind these are the same people, along with obama, WHO DELIBERATELY AND BLATANTLY LIED to each and everyone of us about this healthcare plan of theirs! Aren't the arguments they're making now to save it the same ones they used to push it through?!

Pelozei is lying, the GOP has approx 12 replacement plans including one from incoming HHS Sec Price.

These closet communists are desperate to save this law, question you have to ask is WHY? Why do they want to save it when we know, we have facts in front of us daily, it's a disaster? This law opened the door for power, control and riches for these people. It was designed to collapse on itself where they could replace it with single payer.

Well things haven't gone their way at the ballot box (or did it?!) so that plan blew up in their face. They want to keep it in play with the hopes they'll regain power starting in 2018 as they put their plan of setting up the GOP for a major fall is active. I warned you all the dem party has been doing so much damage to the country it would result in repubs regaining power in the House, Senate and White House so when SHTF the dems will pin it all on them. That will give them all the ammo they need in the midterms and general election to say "see look at the country now it's a mess under GOP rule, we told you so". That master plan is now in play where they hope it will lead to one party rule and govt controlled healthcare = people control!

Full press conference

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