Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Watch Tucker Carlson Take Illegal Alien Jose Vargas Apart

You knew it would happen, the day finally came for Tucker to take on ILLEGAL ALIEN Jose Antonio Vargas who thinks he has a right to be in the US like others who were brought here as children by their parents. I don't know whats more infuriating, Vargas' very presence in the US (where every appearance it's like he's giving us the middle finger) or his smugness and arrogance!

Right out of the gates Tucker hit Vargas with a great question that sums up what this ILLEGAL ALIEN has been doing:

"What would happen if I showed up in the Philippines as a non-citizen there illegally and I started saying, ya know ‘Hey Philippines, I hate your immigration policy and by the way I think you’re racist for not liking me, and I think maybe I’ll file some lawsuits or support other people filing lawsuits against you and you know sort of be quiet and accept my illegal presence?"

In typical fashion Jose wouldn't answer the question, and pulled an Alinsky 101 by deflecting making like a victim because he was brought here when he was 12. He says a country has a right to defend it's border yet is upset he is identified as an illegal alien!? Jose, do you have legal status to be in the USA? NO, thus you are illegal! Were you born in the USA? NO, thus you are an alien. You and those like you are not undocumented immigrants, you are illegal aliens. To suggest you're undocumented is misleading as if to suggest you came here and there was a problem with the paperwork or something. NO, as you admit countless times you were brought here ILLEGALLY.

By the way, why does he have a spanish name if he is Filipino? Also, Fox News, MTV and anyone else employing Vargas, you are breaking FEDERAL LAW, punishable by fines and jail time. This guy is flaunting his status at the nation laughing all the way to the bank. If the Trump admin wants to set precedent they should deport Vargas immediately!

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