Tuesday, February 7, 2017

CNN's Camerota: Americans Should Be More Worried About Lightning Than Islamic Terrorism

This is by far one of the most absurd things to be suggested by anyone in the crap media. To compare the actions and intentions of cold blooded killers in a death cult to a random act of nature is beyond insulting. ISIS wants a global caliphate where everyone submits to islam and sharia law.. does lightning want a caliphate of it's own Alisyn? Is lightning plotting and planning strikes all over the world while they kill every single day? ISIS had been clear they will kill anyone who is not in lockstep with their belief system and will kill as many westerners and Americans as possible. If they could nuke us tomorrow they would do it.

Hopefully by now people can see why Alisyn Camerota was cut loose by Fox News! Props to Rep Sean Duffy for keeping it civil vs opening up both barrels on her for being so insensitive... and CNN wonders why they are so hated by just about everyone!!

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