Wednesday, February 22, 2017

DNC Chair Candidate Says 2016 Election Was Rigged,Voters Influenced by "Russian Meddling"

Jehmu Greene, running to chair the DNC, was asked about a rigged system with regards to the DNC primary over the issue of superdelegates, took the opportunity to dismiss our Constitutional election process. According to this closet communist, because Clinton won the "popular vote, most Americans know which election was rigged period". Without hesitation she chimed on about Russia meddling with the election without one shred of proof to this day attacking Pres Trump for "cheer leading" it on. The Russians "meddling" did not have any influence on the 2016 election. Hillary lost because she was a lousy, corrupt candidate.

Democrats even competing against each other will take the time to insert doubt and delegitimize Trump's presidency. This is all we're going to hear for the next 4 years from them. They simply cannot accept Hillary got owned because she was banking on winning the coastal progressive states thinking it would be enough to get her in the White House. Given the opportunity they would scrap the Electoral College, hell Constitution for that matter, and run the US like a true socialist democracy under one party rule.

Hopefully democrats will elect this communist or the racist, anti-Semite CAIR operative Keith Ellison to chair this radical dangerous party, letting the world see who they really are.

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