Saturday, February 25, 2017

Judge Pirro Blasts Cops to "GET THE HELL OUT OF LAW ENFORCEMENT" if They Side With Sanctuary City Leaders

Wow what a fiery unexpected open from Judge Pirro directed at police/ law enforcement officers and officials who side with sanctuary city leaders! There is nothing wrong with anything the Judge says here, cops who in fact choose to side with leaders of sanctuary towns/cities/states are violating their oath of service and should "get the hell out of law enforcement".

There is no middle ground or gray area, either you enforce the law AND PROTECT THE PUBLIC, you swore an oath to, or resign. You cannot pick and choose what laws to follow, you are not a god. How dare any of you allow criminal illegal aliens to walk free when you would do everything within your power to keep criminals who are US citizens in jail or brought to justice. Since when did a illegal alien murderer, rapist, thief etc become untouchable?

If you are so weak you bow down to "namby, pamby, bleeding heart, left-wing socialist, political whore" leaders to violate your oath you have no right to wear that badge on your chest. Where is your allegiance, to illegals and community leaders who are blatantly violating the law or the people (friends,family, neighbors) who entrust you with their security? Pirro is correct, those of you who enable these leaders violating the law have blood on your hands. What are you going to do when those you love end up a victim of those you allowed to walk free?

DO YOUR DAMN JOB! Just as Pirro spells you need to notify ICE "quietly, anonymously, behind closed door, underground, special hotline, email or carrier pigeon" before another innocent American is killed by people WHO HAVE NO BUSINESS BEING HERE!

Now make a choice uphold your oath to God and Country, or to man and government. If you choose the latter, TURN IN YOUR BADGE because in the eyes of Americans you are an enemy to the Republic.

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