Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Pelosi: Sanctuary Cities Make Us Safer

"in our sanctuary cities our people are not disobeying the law. These are law-abiding citizens..."

WHAT?! A sanctuary city by its very existence is a violation of federal laws, the people citizens and illegals are violating said laws!!

Yes America having lawlessness in our cities makes us safer. Offering sanctuary, harboring criminals makes us safer... Lawless Zones are safe zones in the eyes of the democrat party! If hearing this isn't offensive enough it's who Pelosi is saying this to, Laura Wilkerson, who lost her son to illegal alien! If the laws Pelosi and co and charged to uphold were followed, this woman and many like here would not be talking about the loss of a child or loved one.

Nancy Pelosi IS THE FACE of the democrat party. What she says here they all believe and agree with, maybe not publicly but they do. These people are only in favor of sanctuary cities because they want to legalize illegal aliens, grant them citizenship so they can vote vote. This is the only reason democrats pander to illegal aliens. Their long term goal is to convert illegals into to voters to keep them in indefinite seats of power for money and control over all of us.

Dems lost the election but the progressive agenda is still front an center no matter who is in the Oval Office!

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