Thursday, February 16, 2017

Pres Trump: Press is Out of Control

Yes they are! Today's presser was one for the history books. What we witnessed was the Donald Trump we saw during the primaries, mercilessly going after the media, speaking his mind. And why did he have to do it? Because the media is out control pushing misinformation even lies.

I witnessed a perfect example of it today, during CBS segment about the ICE raids, where the chyron stated "undocumented immigrants"... NO THEY AREN'T. ICE is rounding up criminal illegal aliens! By saying "undocumented", a question of ones legal status in the US is granted legitimacy, as if they came here legally but something went wrong with their paperwork or something. No, they broke the law, entered the US illegally, committed crimes and are now being rounded up.

This is why Pres Trump is hammering away on the media, speaking directly to the people and you should expect it to continue because of the other point he made about how vicious they all are. The alt-left media hates him and are working hand-in-hand with democrats, probably obama and others to sabotage his presidency. So from now you he will continue to take a sledgehammer to these unethical deceitful people who will not be getting one ounce of sympathy from the American people.

Full presser

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