Friday, February 10, 2017

Radical Leftists Block Edu Sec DeVos From Entering DC School

Sec of Education Betsy DeVos was trying to enter a DC school only to be met by radical leftists literally blocking her and her security from entering. Free speech as you can see from this demonstration only applies to radical leftists.

Word to the wise if you stand in front of a vehicle and deliberately block it, don't be surprised if said vehicle tries to go through you or if cops rough you up!

These Anti-Trump protests are not going away, and frankly are intensifying. Police need to start arresting people the moment they get physical making contact with a member of the admin or even their vehicles. The longer police, security, Secret Service tip toe around them to avoid conflict the worse things will get. They are in fact moving the goal post back giving these radicals more room to agitate and intimidate. They also need to make it clear while these leftists have a right to protest under the First Amendment, admin officials also have a right to free speech!

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