Sunday, February 26, 2017

The Arrogance of Hollywood Summed Up in One Oscars Speech

The REAL deplorables had their ball handing out the crème de la crème of participation trophies, the Oscars. This clip from Viola Davis, in her acceptance speech for best supporting actress for Fences, sums up WHY normal Americans despise Hollywood more and more.

"Because we [actors] are the only profession that celebrate what it means to live a life."

How arrogant can you be? These people live in an alternate universe where they are the center. They think, they truly believe Americans should do as they say when it comes to politics and how to live, because like Davis says, they're the only profession who knows how to live a life! These professional liars (that is what actors are when you remove the sugar-coating) think that because they pretend to be leaders, scientists, heroes, humanitarians etc in movies they are experts on life, where what they say should be heard, believed and followed.

The American people need to send these TRUE deplorables a message to shut up. Do your damn job, stop preaching and leave us the hell alone. They only way they will learn this is by having the money supply cut off. That means boycotting Hollywood. Don't go to the movies, watch their shows, buy their crap (if they own business or speak on behalf of product or service), give to any charity or foundation they're a part of.

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