Friday, February 24, 2017

Unhinged George “Mr Sulu” Takei Calling For "American Spring" to Oust Trump


Once again George “Mr Sulu” Takei is proving he epitomizes the liberal meltdown we've been witnessing since Nov 9th 2016. Takei is flat out lying, no one is attacking "immigrants, women and LGBTs". On the other hand Trump supporters ARE BEING ATTACKED by leftists on almost a weekly basis.

Does this guy have any idea what he is talking about or suggesting? When one calls for an American Spring they are in fact referencing the Arab Spring, in other words civil war/ revolution that's been taking place in the middle east for over 6 years. Takei is throwing red meat to a faction within the left who has already acted out violently. As warm weather rolls in, the protests/ riots are going to increase in frequency and size.

Many will call Takei nuts, crazy or a lunatic, but that is dismissive. Whether you like it or not he, like many in Hollywood, has a following and strong influence with the left. This tweet alone got over 22K likes and 2K shares. Other closet communists like Rosie O'Donnell, who called for martial law,

.. and Sarah Silverman, who called for a military coup...

... don't realize the people they preach to take them seriously. These people are becoming dangerous with they're rhetoric, where honestly they need deserve a visit from the FBI and Secret Service.

Takei's comments are the worst of the bunch though, an American Spring means an uprising, blood in the streets of America. I don't care what he thinks it means, the extreme left have their own ideas, they've been making threats to the President and his supporters, all it takes is one to set things off.

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