Monday, March 6, 2017

CBS Covers for Obama, Falsely Claims He Never Attacked Pres Bush (Vid)

"Even President Obama, when he took over, was critical of President George W Bush but he never criticized him personally in a way President Trump has now criticized President Obama."

Here you have Exhibit #47,382,392 as to why NO ONE likes nor trusts the alt-left media. What CBS is doing is what we call revisionist history. They are in fact complicit with his regime, it's countless failures and trying to cover it up for some twisted goal of preserving his "legacy".

For 8.. E I G H T years all obama did was blame George Bush for everything that went wrong. Sorry, Susan Page, criticizing Bush as Pres IS criticizing him personally. Obama, his propaganda ministers and countless regime lackeys blamed problems with the economy, Iraq/Afghan wars, unemployment, healthcare, national debt, etc on Bush saying they were inherited and his fault. It got so repetitive "Bush's fault" was a punchline used by just about everyone anytime something happened where we waited to hear the obama regimes response.

Terrorist attack = Bush's fault
Unemployment spikes = Bush's fault
Mass shootings = Bush's fault
Sudden stock market drop = Bush's fault

Obama is a parasite who couldn't do anything right who only made matters worse. Crap media outlets like CBS know it but they don't care about telling the truth. One of his biggest failures was when he pulled troops our of Iraq which allowed ISIS to grow into the threat they are today, yet he blamed Bush. He set precedent with his blame game that leftists have already gotten mad when pundits on the right now blame obama for problems he created or made worse.

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