Monday, March 6, 2017

Hillary Clinton Knew Trump Was Under Surveillance Before the Election

Democrats were so excited when stories were hitting the wire during the campaign about Trump being investigated over his ties to the Russians. Now that all the investigation is being thrown back at the obama regime, dems are in full denial mode. One excuse after another is rolling out from dems saying Trump being wiretapped/ bugged is a lie, alleged, untrue etc etc.

During the campaign Hillary Clinton even jumped on the bandwagon hoping to take Trump down with this tweet from Oct 31, 2016 about computer scientists identifying a covert server linked between Trump and a Russian bank!! Computer scientists huh?! This just proves she was well aware of the obama regime running surveillance on Trump.

Now that Pres Trump is calling out the obama regime for surveilling him, one has to wonder who tipped off the Clinton camp to conveniently post this tweet citing Slate? Since obama was campaigning for Clinton, to secure his "legacy", it's safe to assume they were in constant communication.

(Note: Earlier today I posted this tweet was deleted by Clinton. It was not due to technical/human error. I used Twitter's search feature from Oct 30th to Nov 1 (theoretically faster vs scrolling forever through someones timeline) and the tweet cited above & former post did not come up in that search. It was an honest mistake, one I can count on one hand I've made after doing this for over 6+ years. ANYONE calling this site, my social media pages #FakeNews go ahead unfollow or unlike my pages or you will be banned/ blocked. STR is nothing of the sort.
Lesson from this, DO NOT TRUST Twitter's advanced search feature.
2) Fact remains Clinton knew about surveillance on Trump!)

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