Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Conservative Congress Members Voice Opposition to GOPe's Obamacare Lite Bill

The GOPe introduced their healthcare bill draft that has been ridiculed to say the least by conservatives as obamacare lite. For six years we protested and fought against this obamination of a law where those we elected promised they would get rid of it only to reproduce it. As expected not everyone in DC is on board with this new plan and a handful of rebels from the House of Rep's Freedom Caucus and Senators Rand Paul, Mike Lee stepped forward to let us know they will fight against this bill.

This is not what the people of America want. Who told Congress to get involved with our healthcare in the first place? They should pass simple stand alone bills with regards to pre-existing conditions, allowing free-market where people in CA can buy insurance in NJ and a few others that were actually good in ACA. They want to create healthcare for those who can't afford it fine do that but leave us alone. As for making sure everyone has the best care, why doesn't Congress just open the doors to the Cadillac plan they all have! Other than that govt should stay the hell out of our business. One more thing whatever they pass they all better be signed up for it too!

You should know though, Trump approves of this draft by the GOPe, again it's obamacare lite. As reported on this site way back in Feb 2016 during the primaries Trump said he will enact universal health care (aka single payer) 'I don’t care if it costs me votes’.

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