Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Democrats Defiance Towards Pres Trump Proves They Don't Care About America

Democrats defined they are the party of obstruction and frankly hate by their clear demonstration of defiance towards President Trump. By not applauding and standing to many of the President's points, in his Joint Session of Congress speech, dems have in fact shown their true colors that they are against:
  • God
  • Working for the American people's best interest
  • Protecting America from radical islamic terrorism
  • A fallen Navy SEAL's, Ryan Owens, wife Carryn
  • Call for unity and bipartisanship
  • Supporting law enforcement
  • Turning the economy around, creating jobs and wealth for all Americans
  • Fighting diseases
  • Repealing the worst piece of legislation,obamacare, in US history to remain in force
  • National defense (build up our decimated military)
  • Protecting and giving a voice to Americans who are victims of criminal immigrants and illegal aliens
  • National sovereignty (build border wall)
  • Rule of law (esp reigning in illegal immigration)
  • Stopping drug abuse and addiction
  • Criminals being blamed for gun violence vs law-abiding gun owners
  • Children getting the best education possible (this is no brainer, last thing dems want is their indoctrination camps shut down)
  • Ending government corruption
You see America all these bullet points, and many more, the dems refused to applaud are their money makers. It's what keeps them in power, proving they don't care about you or the USA. Everything they do is to enrich and empower themselves by misleading their constituents and supporters.

The democrat party are like the Decepticons from the Transformers, toy and movie franchise. Their motto is in fact
"to punish and enslave..." and "Peace Through Tyranny"


Seriously, look at what the democrats have done to this country in the name of equality, social and economic justice. It has been punishment to say the least where the unconstitutional laws, regulations, taxes and fees etc they've levied against us is the equivalent of enslavement! Look at how they have attacked Americans, instituted mandates and have sued (judicial activism) those who simply disagree with them. All of this by the hands of democrats is tyranny, whether you want to admit it or not.

This display of defiance should also be another confirmation for those who agree and believe the US is in fact in a COLD civil war. Do these people display any signs that they will come to agreement or compromise over the next four years? Or, do they show they will do everything possible to undermine this President, his administration and YOU! They will push their soldiers to continue protesting and rioting as the policies Pres Trump outlines in this speech are put into action. Soon we will be going into another round of elections, remember who these people are and what they have done (will do) to you and yours!

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