Thursday, March 2, 2017

Dems Launch Witch Hunt Attack Against Sec Sessions to Undermine Trump Admin

This latest witch hunt against Sec Sessions is one of many that will never end from the radical seditious left. Sessions as a Senator was on the Armed Services Committee (ASC) where it was part of his job to meet and speak with foreign dignitaries, including Russian Ambassadors. The media is not making any of this clear. They are conflating his job as a Senator and member of the ASC with that of his role as a surrogate with the Trump campaign as one in the same!

Sessions has done nothing wrong, he has not perjured himself when he had his confirmation hearing. Sen Franken asked him a specific question whether he had any contact with the Russians on behalf of the Trump campaign. Sessions answered honestly that he did not, under the capacity as a "surrogate" for the Trump campaign. ANYONE suggesting otherwise is flat-out lying period.

Now if Franken had asked in general terms whether Sessions had any contact with the Russians and he said "no" then there would be grounds to go after him for perjury.

Understand this, members of the ASC have had contact, including , with foreign dignitaries and the Russians. Sen McCaskill claims she never did,

but there are tweets showing otherwise...

McCaskill just lied, why isn't anyone going after her demanding her resignation? I'll tell you why because she is a democrat.

Then theres this tweet about 30 dems meeting with the Russians to help obama Iran deal!

Here's the truth, democrats are systematically going after every single member of the Trump admin to force them out of office so Pres Trump will appoint someone more moderate they like. That's what all of this is about, the democrats getting who they want in all cabinet positions and preserving the obama/progressive legacy.

This witch hunt is as Sen Cruz says a "nothing-burger"...

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