Friday, March 31, 2017

Fmr Minister of Propaganda Says Obama 'Genuinely Concerned' About Country

Josh Earnest, this clown.. this fmr propaganda minster and his closet communist ex-boss didn't seem to be 'genuinely concerned' about the state of the country while they trashed it for the last 8 years. They're concerned because Trump is in office enforcing the law, dealing with national security threats the obama regime ignored and generally learning how much worse things are as he reverses obama's lousy policies! They're concerned because the truth is coming out where even now Earnest is still running interference and making excuses for obama. He is planting seeds of doubt on Nunes to cover for the outright spying the obama admin conducted on Trump.

Aside from breaking the law spying on a private citizen, Obama was like a bull running loose through a fine china store during his last year in office. He trashed this country positioning it for major economic and social turmoil. When SHTF you can bank your last 1¢ the damage obama did will all be pinned on Trump and the GOP.

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