Friday, March 31, 2017

New Report Confirms Trump Under Surveillance by Obama Admin BEFORE the Election

Fox's Adam Housely broke news today that would appear to confirm the obama admin has been running surveillance on Trump LONG BEFORE he became the GOP nominee! He states the surveillance had nothing to do with Russia or foreign intelligence. So who ordered the surveillance last year?! Those who unmasked and leaked names (are felons), as Housely reports, goal "had everything to do with hurting and embarrassing Trump and his team".

These new details on the intel Rep Devin Nunes viewed, at the White House the left has had a hissy fit over, appear to support everything he has been saying and that sources had a limited path to expose what they know. Take note Housely said sources are high up in the intelligence community not connected to the FBI! Clearly no one can be trusted in DC to the degree these sources felt the need to go to the White House. After all, we have a fmr obama official on vid saying they were trying to get all the intel they could before Trump's staff came in, suggesting "grab and run with it all so they won't know!" This is just another example of this deep state we are learning about infested with obama loyalists.

The truth is going to come out, the people who should be investigated are all in the administration... the OBAMA ADMINISTRATION!

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