Thursday, March 30, 2017

Tucker Battles Radical Drexel U Prof Who Wanted to "Vomit" When Soldier Was Given 1st Class Seat

You have to give Tucker Carlson props for putting up with what could be the most arrogant SOB I think we've seen to date on television. Drexel Univ Prof George Ciccariello-Maher epitomizes everything people despise about the radical left, especially those in academia. Maher is so proud of himself and his offensive speech, especially when he wants to vomit over vets being given first class seats, he keeps his tweets protected!

Real tough guy huh!

I don't think Maher gave Carlson one solid legit answer to any of the questions he was asked. The professor has an obsession with Google citing it multiple times in pathetic attempts to insult Tucker. He chose to carry on, grandstand with some elitist higher intelligence delusion that only made him look like a complete fool. It's no wonder why he get's death threats.

If you're wondering or didn't know this is the same guy who called for ‘White Genocide’ on Christmas! Drexel Univ admin and alumni (who open up your checkbooks every year) is this who you want representing your school? Parents since the school doesn't seem to have a problem with him, that should tell you a lot of the school, send your kids elsewhere unless you want a guy like Ciccariello-Maher indoctrinating them! If I thought a boycott against Drexel would get off the ground I called for one, but Americans seem to be too distracted now as they've been over the last 8 years... go back to shopping and watching the game.

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