Thursday, March 30, 2017

Obama Defense Official & Hillary Advisor Tries to Backtrack After Admitting Trump Was Under Surveillance

Evelyn Farkas, fmr Deputy Asst Sec of Defense for the obama admin and Clinton Foreign Policy Advisor, is now backtracking the statement she made March 2nd on MSNBC that the obama admin was in fact spying on Donald Trump and leaking intel out. Farkas has a PhD so she isn't stupid, it would be wise at this point for her to get an attorney and clam up!

We all heard what she said, she was in a comfortable setting speaking freely and HONESTLY on Morning Joe with Mika. Farkas was clear, people within the obama regime were trying to get all the intel they could on Trump's staff which means he was under surveillance, names were unmasked (a felony), and they leaked it out to the media. It goes even deeper because she left the job in 2015 yet still had access up into 2016 while being a Clinton campaign advisor! How do you maintain high security clearance if you're no longer in the govt?

The real scandal isn't about Trump, it's about obama-clinton-Russia! You can be sure fmr Sub-Pres Jarrett is working behind the scenes in obama's DC home with Deep State loyalists to keep any of it from pointing back to barry or herself! From the looks of it right now, Farkas will be taking the sword and others are sure to follow.

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