Monday, March 20, 2017

NO, Judge Napolitano Wasn't Suspended!!

If you weren't aware Fox News' Shep Smith and Bret Baier refuted the claim Judge Napolitano made that obama used the British version of the NSA, GCHQ, to spy on Donald Trump, during the election, as it would not leave any "US fingerprints".

Following the fallout since the Judge made that claim, the LA Times reported Napolitano was suspended.

Without hesitation the corrupt lying media jumped all over this as a way to trash Pres Trump after he tweeted out obama was "'wire tapping'" him. Mediate known for jumping on the trash conservatives bandwagon reported the Judge's suspension as well, BUT showed some journalistic integrity by reaching out to Fox News for clarification.

Mediate is now reporting, per a Fox source, Napolitano WAS NOT suspended!

"UPDATE –– 10:59 pm ET: A Fox News source tells Mediaite that Judge Napolitano has not been suspended by the network."

So one is left to ask a simple question:

Where did you, LA Times, get your facts from that Andrew Napolitano was suspended?
Don't answer, We the People know the answer, you are like all the other left-wing hack news agencies spewing FAKE NEWS!

Good job Mediaite, you helped prove one of your own is unreliable!

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