Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Spicer Warns Republicans Who Vote Against Obamacare Lite Will "Pay a Price"

The new Minister of Propaganda, Sean Spicer couldn't be anymore wrong. Uh NO Sean, republicans who vote for obamacare lite WILL BE PRIMARIED and replaced. You, the GOP and Pres Trump better hope they're replaced with a conservative and not democrat! If you want Nancy Pelosi as Speaker again, and Chuck "Harry Reid 2.0" Schumer running the Senate go ahead run with obamacare lite.

The only people who like and want this bill, not surprisingly, are progressives in Congress. Who asked them to take over the healthcare system to begin with? NO ONE! Progressives jumped on the opportunity because it's a complete and total power grab over everyone's life!

Congress needs to pass the bill obama vetoed that repealed barackobamacare. They stay out of the healthcare business because they have no clue and will only make things worse. If Congress is so concerned over a segment of population who don't have/ nor afford healthcare then create something for them! You don't need to take howitzer to the whole system like the democrats did for a small segment of Americans. Any of the other "good" parts of obamacare should be stand alone bills. Open up the free market to solve the rest of the problems. To allow insurance companies to do business across state lines will crush the cost problems making everyone's lives easier.

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