Thursday, March 2, 2017

Rep Nunes Warns Reporters They Could Be Investigated For Talking to Russians Too (Vid)

This was entertaining to listen to during the House Intel Chair Devin Nunes news conference over Russian interference with the US and alleged AG Sessions' connections to Russians outside of his duties as a member of the Armed Services Committee. The alt-left media loves to crucify anyone on the right who has spoken with, walked by or been in the same room as Russians over their conspiracy theory Russia caused Hillary to lose the 2016 election.

Regardless of the fact the FBI said there is nothing there and Nunes expressed the same isn't enough for the media.

So as they pushed the issue of investigation Nunes pushed back making it clear they better "be careful what you ask for" as the alt-left media will be under investigation too!

If repubs and Trump admin officials are going to automatically condemned for speaking with Russians in private or work related then the same does apply to the left! Go ahead libs push it because the NSA already has your phone calls, texts and emails it would be a shame if that info started leaking out!

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