Saturday, March 4, 2017

Rep Waters Praises Work "Obama Admin Has Done" Against Trump

Oh yes Rep Maxine Waters is correct, please lets have an investigation into Russia and all the measures the obama admin used to investigate anyone they suspected with ties to them. Lets see the orders from obama, Lynch, Brennan etc to wiretap Trump during the campaign because we must get to the bottom of it asap!

Democrats, you've overplayed your hand.. again. In your quest to attack and destroy Trump, with the hopes of stopping his candidacy and eventual presidency, your hate has exposed illegal activity! Many conservatives and republicans agree we need to have full investigation to ID all the players!

Take note Waters is praising fellow PROGRESSIVES McCain and Graham, both staunch anti-Trump "republicans" who probably played a role in all of the nonsense we're seeing.

Pres Trump didn't just make up the accusations, remember he has access to information no one else has within the intel community. Between all the coverage from NY Times, Washington Post, Mike Flynn and Sessions fiasco something, some document probably surfaced. Obama was investigating Trump, to what degree was he involved is the bigger question?

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