Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Crazy Fat Kid Threatens Nuclear Attack on America

North Korea's Kim Jong-un, aka Crazy Fat Kid, is threatening to launch a nuclear strike against America if provoked. First off everyone stop what you're doing and let's give a round of applause to Bill Clinton for setting the stage for NK to have nukes. Not done yet, give a round to Bush for doing nothing about NK and obama making like there was nothing to see either!

Ok, now can someone define what provoked means to this nut? Better yet can someone explain why North Korea is always picking a fight with the US? Or is it because we helped South Korea during the war?

For those living under a rock Crazy Fat Kid is outright threatening war with America, we have every right to defend ourselves. So the peaceniks out there need to shut up. As for the peacemakers at the UN, no more deals for food should be made, nor concessions of any kind. A naval blockade and no fly zone should be established around North Korea. No one and nothing goes in or out. Yes, starve them! When there is no food and people are starving, they get highly motivated for self preservation. The people will eventually rise up or we will witness a coup to stop this kid and his lunatic families legacy.

I'm just going to say it at this point, the Crazy Fat Kid needs to be taken out. Is there no way to get a sniper team or two within a mile of this maniac and free him of this Earth?

As for launching nukes at the US, NO I'm not concerned at all. That's not entirely true, I'm concerned when/ if the Crazy Fat Kid does order a strike the US will take out said ICBM revealing a new weapon system. A weapon system that was intended to defeat a Russian first strike which will be prematurely "let out of the bag" because China couldn't control their "pet" in North Korea. I'm concerned that if this does in fact happen it will start another arms race between the US and Russia.

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