Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Lying Liar Susan Rice is At It Again 'I Leaked Nothing to Nobody'

Susan Rice popped up on MSDNC saying it's “absolutely false” intelligence gathered was used for political purposes. Uh huh then how did the names get loose if they were for Rice's eyes only when they were unmasked? Here's the problem with all of this propaganda we're getting from her and the media, the "incidental surveillance" had NOTHING TO DO with the Russians or foreign intelligence. Why were the names unmasked if there was no national security risk to begin with? How did Michael Flynn's name get out?

Be warned America, Rice and the media are playing word games to spin this as a big nothing burger. Furthermore, she is a certified liar. This is same person who went on 5 networks, looked the America straight in the eye saying Benghazi was the result of a video NO ONE EVER SAW! This also the same person who said Bowe Bergdahl served his country with honor!

Rice is dirty, she is covering for the obama regime who was looking for anything to stop Donald Trump from being elected at the ballot box, confirmed via Electoral College and a last ditch effort from being sworn in. That is why they were spying on him. They were looking for anything that could be used to stop the Trump's presidency. All their spying resulted in nothing substantial, they leaked what they found since to delegitimize Pres Trump. And worst off, the CRAP media is heavily complicit covering for them.

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