Monday, April 3, 2017

Like Clockwork CNN Reports Allegations of Unmasking Are False

Anderson Cooper has been known to be a straight shooter but this segment with Jim Sciutto is just pitiful. Actually, this is absolutely shameful showing the extent CNN will go to PROTECT the obama admin and trash Trump. But that is what the radical leftist media does because they are the democrats, and yes obama's, Praetorian Guards.

This tweet is beyond laughable but insulting to Americans intelligence. "Person close to Rice" Is he serious? Why would anyone believe what someone close to a PROFESSIONAL LIAR has to say?

Fox's Adam Housely is a solid reporter he doesn't participate nor produce fake news. He has known about Susan Rice's involvement but waited until it could be confirmed, so much so even Eli Lake from Bloomberg News had sources telling him the same, which is why it all hit today! Remember it was Friday when Housely first broke the news that confirmed Trump was under surveillance by the obama admin BEFORE the election. Susan Rice has Z E R O credibility, this is the woman who LIED to the country on 5 networks after the Benghazi attack. AND just 12 days ago she told PBS she knew nothing about unmasking!

Yea we need an investigation on this Russian thing... we need to know who in the Clinton and obama camps were working with the Ruskies. We need to know about the Uranium1 deal too!

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