Monday, April 3, 2017

Susan Rice Behind Trump Staff Names Unmasked, Why Hasn't She Been Arrested?

The obama admins fmr national security adviser Susan Rice, who pushed the video lie on 5 networks after the Benghazi attack, has been revealed as the one in the obama regime who wanted Trump's staff names under surveillance unmasked. We've been hearing for weeks it is against the law to do this let alone for anyone to leak it out why hasn't she been arrested?

A House hearing will get us nowhere as Rice will claim it is within her power to do so as the regimes NSA, that's if she even speaks and doesn't invoke the 5th Amend! The problem with that is the regime was spying on Trump on matters unrelated to Russia or foreign intelligence! There was no reason to spy on Trump and his staff other than as Housely previously reported "had everything to do with hurting and embarrassing Trump and his team”, prior to 2016 election. Also keep in mind the media first said spying didn't happen. Then they said it's incidental. Enter Rice 12 days ago who denied any knowledge of unmasking.

This is Benghazi all over again!

We have another mess, another scandal... ANOTHER OBAMA ADMIN SCANDAL that Rice is at the center of. Worst off, we know she won't be arrested because elites live by a separate set of rules confirming the US is a Banana Republic!

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