Monday, April 3, 2017

Rep Schiff Says No Evidence of Trump-Russia Collusion

House Intel Comm co-chair dem Adam Schiff went to t e White House and got to see the same evidence Devin Nunes has been attacked over and what do ya know now Schiff is saying what the FBI and others have been saying: NO evidence of collusion between Trump and Russia!

None of that really matters though because democrats will continue to push this myth they created! The only act of collusion we have evidence on as of now is the left, media, Clinton camp burying Hillary's deal with the Russians and again this myth we've been hearing about for the last 7 mos with not 1 shred of evidence.

One last thing, you're probably aware Congress has no interest in offering Mike Flynn immunity to testify... that's because he has NOTHING that would burn Trump!

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