Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Rep Castro Claims Trump Associates 'Will End Up in Jail' Over the Russia Probe

Dem Rep Julian Castro without any evidence made a bold statement that some of Trump's "people will end up jail" over the democrat created myth that the Russians meddled with the election! In a nutshell democrats like Castro want you to believe that Hillary Clinton had the election locked up, but because of the Russians releasing emails YOU, your friends, neighbors, co-workers etc changed your vote from Clinton to Trump! They have provided no proof to date except continually ranting "Russia hacked the election", "Russians interfered", "Russians influenced the election".

To this day the FBI and intel community have concluded there was no collusion between Trump and the Russians. The democrats and the media have more or less concocted the entire thing up without a shred of evidence. They know if they keep telling the lie over and over again (we're going on 7 months) it will become a fact. This is all about delegitimizing Trump's presidency believing they can force him out of office!

America when you hear this nonsense don't argue or debate leftists demand proof. Demand they provide proof voters changed their votes because of the Russians.

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