Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Tucker Battles CA Dem Claiming Illegal Aliens Have Constitutional Rights Over Blocked Trump Order

Illegal aliens do not have Constitutional rights, except a right to an immigration hearing. Dems are all currently telling a lie illegals do have rights repeatedly until it becomes "fact" and just accepted "that's how things are". Do not fall for the lies that come out of the mouths of people like Santa Clara Cty Board of Supervisors member Dave Cortese. What these leaders and federal judges are doing by taking action to aid and harbor illegals is against the law. Furthermore, fmr Atty Gen Mukasey, and other legal experts, have made it clear, illegal aliens do not have Constitutional rights.

As you can see in the interview Tucker outsmarted Cortese at every opportunity where he dodged and grandstanded direct questions. Lib logic on this matter is states and localities don't have to follow the law if they don't want to but the fed govt does and should do what the states want... including taking federal money... YOUR MONEY! The entire segment was infuriating to say the least, including when Cortese stated "California is leading the country in the right direction because we are honoring the Constitution of the United States." This state PISSES on the Constitution, and violating federal law, pandering to illegals.. hell putting them ahead of citizens is nothing to be proud of.

Cortese takes a jab at Carlson by praising the judicial branch for this "win" over Trump, lets be honest, the judicial branch is beyond corrupt. It has been stacked by obama with activists who are loyal to the progressive agenda to fundamentally transform the USA. If this defiance by radical judges is not stopped in it's tracks the country will follow CA's lead regardless of who is in the White House and holding majority in Congress. The nations demographics are being changed right before our eyes, like CA's demographics that has been so radically changed it has led to one party rule. Fly over nation do not laugh or dismiss this warning because illegals are everywhere and democrats are still getting their way.

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