Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Axelrod Slams Clinton Over Her Claims Why She Lost (Vid)

Not a fan of David Axelrod but he has Hillary Clinton dead to rights as to why she lost the election. FBI Director Comey's letter to Congress didn't cost her the election, it pointed out illegal actions to which Clinton remains an unindicted felon over. She did it to herself to avoid govt oversight! She insisted on having a private server that got hacked, with emails written by herself and staff. Had ANYONE done what she did with sensitive documents they would be in jail right now. Hillary Clinton VIOLATED the Espionage Act of the United States. Everything you see and hear is a smokescreen and diversion from the absolute face.

This WITCH can blame everyone on the planet for losing, as far as I'm concerned nothing will change the fact she lost because SHE WAS A LOUSY CANDIDATE. She was so arrogant thinking she would be elected the "first female president" after the nation elected the "first black president" (obama isn't, he is mixed race). Hillary, and dems who continue to harp on their Trump-Russian conspiracy, thought she had the election locked up because of her gender and an empty resume (being fmr Sec of State, US Senator and First Lady). She did nothing to get to where she is but use people, titles etc as stepping stones while fattening she and Billy's bank account.

Jim Comey, misogyny, Wikileaks, dem created myth Russian interference and collusion with Trump etc didn't cause Hillary to lose. Hillary lost because of Hillary.

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