Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Fmr US Attorney Blasts FBI Dir, 'Comey is Danger to Country' (Watch)

Fmr US Attorney Joe diGenova threw down hard against FBI James Comey tonight on Tucker! If you have been following everything that has transpired with this Clinton investigation you will find yourself nodding in agreement with every word he spoke.

Obama had two opportunities to fire Comey, the first in July for interfering and again in October. When Comey first spoke in July about Clinton, everyone assumed she would be indicted because the case he laid out was beyond damaging. Hillary Clinton flat-out broke the law, yet he cut her loose while literally rewriting law, Espionage Act, inserting there was no ill-will/ criminal intent, which is not a legal test under the Espionage Act. Comey is, as diGenova describes, a cult of personality among himself, with some kind of self righteousness running through him that he can do no wrong.

After today's testimony, where Comey exonerated Clinton aide, Huma Abedin, under the same nonsense he did for Clinton that there was no criminal intent handing onto 6,000 emails that she then forwarded to her pervert (ex)husband (Anthony Weiner), Pres Trump should fire Comey!

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