Thursday, May 25, 2017

DICK Durbin Blames Republicans For Obamacare Failing

Democrats created and rammed obamacare through (mind you in the middle of the night Christmas Eve 2009) with Z E R O support or votes from any of the republicans; including the spineless progressive R's who want govt controlled healthcare. The dems held a supermajority for 2 years while they took control and ruined the American health insurance industry that directly interferes with ones level of care. For years, documented on this site and others, people warned the disaster that was coming from the worst piece of legislation in US history.

DICK Durbin, barry dunham.. davis.. soetoro.. obama and the democrat party IGNORED every warning, viciously attacking opponents and critics.

Ted Cruz tried to stop this nightmare from being implemented only to be demonized for a govt shutdown, and now proven right. The republicans have NO duty or obligation to make this obaminable law be a success, being that none of them supported it. This is the dem parties law, they created and refused to do anything to fix it. They ignored countless warnings and complaints from American people hurting from it. Where does this clown get the balls to blame the GOP for it failing?

This clip and nonsense from this destroyer of the Republic should enrage people! To those of you who voted for this piece of filth, each and everyone of you can GO TO HELL!

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