Thursday, May 18, 2017

Feinstein: Still No Evidence Of Trump Camp-Russia Collusion

Sen Diane Feinstein like many senior dems is not jumping on the insane impeachment train in the hopes evidence of collusion surfaces because she wants to hold onto her Senate seat. Why is she, Pelosi and others playing it cool? Because the truth of the matter is, even if evidence was to surface by Mueller of Trump-Russian collusion they know it's not a crime.

Disagree, think it's treason or whatever Maxine Waters, Al Green and others are claiming? Ok, then produce the statute that states collusion is a crime. You won't be able to because democrat and Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz says it doesn't exist, and he went so far as to challenge anyone in the media or the legal system to prove otherwise.

What you're seeing is smoke and mirrors, a show by dems who have already started their 2018 campaign.

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