Friday, May 19, 2017

New York Times "Journalist" Who Broke Comey Memo Admits He Never Saw It

New York Times, Michael Schmidt appeared on LYING Brian Williams 11th Hour admitting he has never seen the alleged Comey memo story he broke this week. Let that sit in for a minute. The entire news entertainment, destroy Trump, industrial complex are setting their hopes on something NO ONE has ever seen! A document we have no idea when it was written, that would in fact incriminate Comey for not reporting "obstruction" to the DOJ back in Feb, as he is required by law, and it would also make him guilty of perjury in front of the US Senate!!

The left is dumber than a box of rocks at this point, let them continue with this witch hunt. There is NO evidence of a law being broken. Even if Robert Mueller was to discover evidence of collusion or the like by the left's book, per Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz, collusion is not a crime!!

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