Friday, May 5, 2017

Filthy Rich 1%r Cher Goes on Twitter Tirade Over Cost of Asthma Meds After GOP Healthcare Vote

You just can't make this stuff up. FILTHY RICH 1%r Cher, who is worth $305M, went on a twitter tirade over the cost of asthma meds after the House voted to retain and rename obamacare. This monster could literally start her own company manufacturing asthma meds and help people, but chooses to whine like the communist, progressive drone she is.

As you can see in her tweets she whines and complains about healthcare costs, attacking Pres Trump as being a servant to the wealthy 2%, but what about her and the elite wealthy 1% club she's in? Is she paying her fair share, while she demands everyone else to pay theirs?! Why is it all the filthy rich 1%r's, like Cher, are the ones calling for socialism, yet DO NOT pay their fair share? How does that work exactly, where do they get the "power" to act like this?

Listen you old, washed up, nasty hag, if you're going to preach about people paying their fair share through socialized medicine or any other govt mandate, then you better put your money where you mouth is. I bet this BITCH complains about people not paying enough in taxes too, while she takes every deduction possible.

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