Friday, May 5, 2017

Fake News MSNBC Host Tries to Blame GOP for Obamacare Failures

Democrats knew obamacare was going to tank, even though for years they were blaming the GOP for any problems that arose. They were banking on Clinton winning the election where she would come in on her white horse with single payer as the solution. Since that dream never came to be, lying fake news/ news entertainment networks like MSDNC are pushing lies obamacare failed because of the GOP.

They want people to believe everything was fine but the evil GOP caused premiums to skyrocket, quality of care to drop, providers to drop out and doctors to quit because they say so. Keep in mind no one in the GOP had anything to do with authoring it, voted for, nor supported it in any way yet it's all their fault. Obamacare is a disaster, it was designed to be, again to open the door for single payer. Katie Tur knows all of this but like a typical propagandist points the finger of blame on republicans than the democrats (and their lobbyists) who created it.

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