Wednesday, May 10, 2017

McCain: Comey is 'the Most Trusted Person in America'

John McCain is a shining example of the cancer that runs through the US Senate and Congress. It's no surprise he is going against the grain from those who welcomed Comey's firing to question the President's reasoning as "not sufficient rationale".

No Senator, Comey IS NOT the "most trusted person in America", and his mismanagement of the Clinton email scandal IS "sufficient rationale" to be fired. In your book it isn't, but that's because progressives like yourself and your democrat friends have no ethics or morals! You prefer to leave someone in office who let a felon walk because of who she is than uphold the rule of law.

Arizona voters shame on each and everyone of you for keeping this man in office for far too long. Spare the country with rants McCain is honorable, a patriot yada yada, that guy is long gone replaced by a radical who sides with opposition. This hardcore progressive needs to go!

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