Wednesday, May 10, 2017

"Why Fire Comey Now"?

The same democrats (pols and pundits all over tv) who have been calling for Comey to resign or be fired since July 5th 2016 are now whining "why now"?! There is a simple answer to that, but first remember how the democrats have taken pride at being the party of obstruction, especially when it comes to filling presidential appointments and lower lever govt positions.

Pres Trump's cabinet and lower level govt positions have been left open, delayed because of the democrats. Case in point the Deputy Attorney General position was just filled and Rod J. Rosenstein was sworn in April 26th. Why does that matter? Here's the most important thing you need to know liberals are deliberately leaving out of their rants:

The FBI Director reports to the Deputy Attorney General, who reports to the Attorney General (Sessions) who reports to the President.

After his appointment Deputy AG Rosenstein immediately began a review of fmr Dir Comey's activities when he got into office, concluding Comey was not doing his job. Remember, Comey laid out a devastating case against Hillary July 2016 but chose to let her walk while rewriting the law on the fly claiming no intent. FYI "intent" is not a legal test to be in violation of 18 US Code § 793 (one of many statutes she violated). Rosenstein made the recommendation for Comey's termination to his boss, Sessions, who then advised the President bringing us to today and Comey's firing!

First off there was no delay on the Trump admins part cutting Comey loose, the delay is no thanks to the democrats. Second, as much as the dems want to whine and complain, Trump followed protocol! He waited until the right people were in place to cut Comey loose. Lastly, as Sarah Sanders pointed out, Hillary would have fired Comey too. The only difference is it would have happened much sooner because republican wouldn't have obstructed her appointees to the Justice Dept!!

Truth and facts matter. Democrats are experts when it comes to leaving them out to suit their anti-American agenda.

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