Monday, May 8, 2017

North Korea is Now Holding 4 Americans Hostage, Sorry They're On Their Own

If you haven't heard, another American is now being held hostage by North Korea. I'm going to take a different angle on this than majority of news sites and blogs to make the following statement many will deem heartless...

If any American citizen chooses of their own free will to travel to North Korea, Iran, or other nations who HATE America (with every fiber of their being), or are in turmoil with hostile forces, cartels etc running the nation...


How dare any of you selfishly travel, for whatever reason you deem is "good", to nations who HATE America, putting yourself in a situation to be taken hostage and used as a pawn against the US! America's security and sovereignty should not be put in jeopardy to negotiate your release. Wheeling and dealing, releasing spies, large payoffs, easing sanctions etc should never be put on the table because of your naivety.

Watch and see how these 4 Americans will be used against this country while N Korea continues to amp up its war machine. They will probably be used as human shields at key targets that should be bombed off the face of the Earth.

Call me heartless, cold, whatever I don't care. The security of America should never be put on the line for people who insist on traveling to countries who would like to see us wiped off the map.

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