Saturday, May 6, 2017

Pirro Destroys Hillary Clinton "Get Back in the Woods!"

Judge Pirro went off on Hillary Clinton, who is planning some sort of pathetic comeback into the political world after LOSING to Donald Trump. The Judge cut Clinton to pieces over how the 2 time failed presidential candidate has blamed everyone but herself for losing. The best line the Judge had was to make it clear, if Clinton's don't know by now, that we've had it with them! The American people are tired of this corrupt opportunist lying family. Whenever they open their mouths all that comes out are lies, while they play the victim to get their way. Everything they've done has been to enrich themselves with money and power at other peoples expense.

The best example was their mission to aid the victims in Haiti. The Clinton's ripped off millions from people donating to help Haiti. Instead of giving the money to the destitute ,they lined their pockets and funded Chelsea's wedding with donor money! Don't take my word for it, just ask Bernard Sansaricq, fmr Pres of Haitian Senate in 1994. He explained how “not even two percent of that money went back to Haiti”, and how Bill Clinton tried to bribe him!

Now the Clinton wants to start a PAC to help the democrat resistance. Let's be honest after the money ran out to the Clinton money laundering foundation she needs a new vehicle to get rich off of the backs of her poor supporters. It's actually sad how badly these people have been suckered by Hillary and Bill. What will this money bankroll anyway? Riots? That's all democrats seem to be interested in as of late.

Hillary Clinton needs to go back into the woods and never show her face again, she is as Pirro closed out a loser.

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